Accommodations in Russia

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Accommodation Options


Most or all of the major international hotel chains operate in Russia: Radisson, Hilton, Accor Group, Marriott, Sheraton, Kempinski, and others. No matter where the hotel is, it is guaranteed to meet the chain’s high standards.

Russian hotels are rigorously categorized by law (Russian Ministry of Culture Order No. 1215 of 11 July 2014). Every hotel has to fit one of the categories, from “no stars” to five stars.

In a three-star hotel, the guests can count on a full ensuite bathroom, TV, phone and standard furnishings in their room, plus a café and bar in the hotel.

In addition to the above, a four-star hotel will typically offer climate control, a safe-box, a refrigerator, room service, an in-house gym, daily change of bed sheets, and a 24-hour restaurant and bar. A room in a five-star hotel is expected to have a roomy bathroom with complimentary toiletries, an upscale restaurant in the hotel, and an in-house health centre.

There is hardly a hotel in Russia without Wi-Fi, and it’s free in most hotels.

Mini Hotels

Every major Russian city has plenty of mini hotels. It is usually either a remodelled apartment, or a standalone small building with a few hotel rooms, fitted with all the basic conveniences. Mini hotels typically gravitate to the historical city centre and the neighbourhoods with the major landmarks.

It is important to remember that mini hotels located in residential buildings or neighbourhoods do not usually offer any parking, and it may be difficult to find parking in the downtown. The rooms in a mini hotel converted from one or several residential apartments may not have very good sound-proofing.

There are mini hotels in every price category: from economy-class to boutique hotels, where the rates are close to those charged by five-star hotels.


Hostels are the most budget-conscious accommodation option. The number of hostels and the quality of hostel services greatly differ from town to town. It is advisable to read visitors’ feedback online before making your reservation.

Hostels typically have separate rooms for males and females, and mixed rooms. Multi-berth rooms are the most affordably priced option. The bed in such a room is usually equipped with curtains, a small cabinet and personal power outlet. Some hostels also offer single and double rooms with shared restroom and showers on the floor.

Most Russian hostels offer a fully equipped kitchen with complimentary water, tea and coffee, a shared restroom and shower, a communal living room with TV, party games and video games, a personal lockable safe-box or cabinet, and a washing machine. However, it is advisable to read the list of services case by case before making your reservation.

Booking a room

Required documents

There are a couple of ways to book a hotel or apartment.

  • Contact a travel agent in your country. The agent will charge commission, but you will be relieved of the need to do your own search, compare the different options, and read descriptions and feedback in a foreign language.
  • Make your own reservation on the aggregator site or the site of the hotel where you plan to stay or — in Accommodation and service centre of funs and guests of World Cup FIFA 2018

You pay by bank card on most websites, but you usually use your bank card to post a security deposit, and then pay the balance when you get there. Most hotels take credit cards, but a mini hotel, hostel or apartment manager may ask for cash. This point should be clarified before you make your reservation.

The majority of Russian hotels, hostels and apartments are on Other popular hotel search engines, both local and global, are also available, e.g.,,,,, and others.

To compare the prices offered by the different booking systems, use these websites or mobile apps:, or

It is safer to make apartment reservations on a well-known aggregator website, such as or Any other option, including classified ads and people advertising accommodation services at the airport or railway station, is fraught with risk.