Attending the matches

Attending the matches

The stadiums

How to drive to Luzhniki Stadium

Access to Luzhniki Stadium area will be restricted for all traffic on FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia™ match days, with the exception of public transport and holders of special entry and parking passes for the stadium area. Unless you are a holder of such a pass, you should probably give up the idea of driving your own or rental car to the arena, and use public transportation instead.

The address of Luzhniki Stadium is Luzhnetskaya Embankment 24, Building 1. If you are driving from a neighbourhood in the southwest of Moscow, take Prospekt Vernadskogo. From Sadovoye Ring, take Komsomolskiy Prospekt. Access to Luzhniki Stadium from other parts of the city is via Third Traffic Ring. From some neighbourhoods inside Sadovoye Ring, it may make sense to take Frunzenskaya Embankment to get to Luzhniki Stadium, if traffic is not too bad.

How to get to Luzhniki Stadium by public transport

The Metro station nearest to Luzhniki Stadium is Vorobyovy Gory on Sokolnicheskaya Line. The stadium is a ten-minute walk from there. Luzhniki Station, which is part of Moscow’s Central Ring, is approximately the same distance away.

One of the closest bus and trolleybus stops is Luzhniki Station on Third Traffic Ring, which is also a ten-minute walk from the stadium. It can be reached by bus М3, С12, 64, 255 or 806, or trolleybus 28. There is another stop nearby, Luzhniki Stadium on Komsomolskiy Prospekt, which is, more or less, within the same walking distance. The same buses and trolleybuses stop here, plus two more buses: Т79 and А.

How to drive to Spartak Stadium

Access to the stadium on game days will be restricted for all types of transportation except the public one, or for those with special permits for entrance and parking near the stadium. If you don’t have such a permit, it’s best to leave your (rented) car behind and use the public transportation.

The stadium is located at Volokolamskoye shosse, land plot 69. Driving from central Moscow, keep going in the direction of suburbs. At the intersection of Volokolamskoye shosse and Volokolamsky proezd you’ll have to make a U-turn, turn right to Proektiruemy proezd № 5219, and then turn left to Proektiruemy proezd № 5484.

Coming from the suburbs, keep driving on Volokolamskoye shosse until intersection with Proektiruemy proezd № 5503,Following that, get off the main road and follow the relief road until Proektiruemy proezd № 5219.


How to get to Spartak Stadium by public transport

The most convenient way to get to the Spartak Stadium is by metro. There are actually two stations of the Tagansko-Kranospresnenskaya metro line (line #7) in the close vicinity of the stadium. One of them is Spartak metro station, 3-5 minute walk away from the stadium, and the other one is Tushinskaya metro station (7-10 minutes by foot).
Tushinskaya metro station is a part of the eponymous transportation hub, which also includes a suburban bus station and Tushino railroad station.

To get to the Tushinskaya hub, you can take one of the many buses:

  • Municipal buses: № 2, 88, 210, 248, 266, 372, 400Т, 409, 436, 450, 455, 460М, 464, 467, 540, 541, 542, 549, 568, 575, 614, 631, 640, 741, 741К, 777, 904, 904К, 930, 961, 964.
  • Suburban buses : № 230, 301, 307, 372, 409, 450, 455, 464, 964.

You can travel to the Tushino railroad station by commuter trains that leave the Kursky and Rizhsky Railway Stations.

Tushino station timetable

Wheelchair access to the stadium is available at the left pavilion of the northern entrance, located to the left of the gladiator sculpture. From there, stadium staff will take guests to their seats.

On the days of the games, there will be additional shuttle buses traveling between the stadium and Aeroport metro station and Sheremetyevo International Airport.